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Natural Environment

Archimandrita is a village with wonderful landscapes and scents. Nature in Archimandrita can enchant every visitor with its wild vegetation and fauna. What is also worth mentioning is that both the flora and fauna of Archimandrita are included in the protected nature areas of the “NATURA 2000” Network.  

In Archimandrita one encounters mainly uncultivated pieces of land, which obtain a special colour each season. The cultivation of land does not constitute one of the main professions of the residents of Archimandrita. Therefore, the cultivated pieces of land cover approximately 1/10 of the total land.    

The cultivated land of Archimandrita is covered by carob, almond and fruit-baring trees, whereas small pieces of land are planted with pulses, vegetables and a few olive-groves. A unique exception constitutes a farm of 250 decares with approximately 8 to 10 thousand olive trees of ecological cultivation.  

In the past, the residents of Archimandrita also dealt with viticulture. However, in the decade of the 80s viticulture was abandoned, on the one hand due to rural depopulation and on the other hand due to the fact that it was no longer profitable.

A unique beauty is given to the village by the Canyon of Chapotami with the cliffs of “peristeronokremmos”, “helidonokremmos” and the cave of the bats. Of extreme beauty is also the Cave with the stalactites, which is unfortunately not accessible.  

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